It didn't do what I want.

When it asked for a page range I gave it the range of pages I wanted extracted (all of them), but it gave them to me in one huge chunk, not separate pages. In other words, it didn't do a split at all!

I could have avoided wasting your computer time uploading a file if I had known from the start that it worked that way.

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Sorry to hear you were experiencing a problem.  For many cases, extracting a page range is exactly what is needed.  The feature you are describing is an "extract" or "explode" all pages feature.  We are currently considering to add such a feature to Split PDF.  You can vote to have it added on: https://foxyutils.helprace.com/i203-allow-to-split-all-pages-in-a-pdf-then-download-a-zip-file  which was requested very recently.  It's a pretty hot request, so we are seriously considering it.