Merged PDF's will not download

When I press the red "Download" button, nothing happens.  The PDF does not open for me to save.

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This is what it should look like: When I right click on the Download button in Chrome.  For me it also works to press Download (left click) and it will just download the file.  Does it look something for you too?  I am afraid I do not really understand why Chrome is not allowing you to download the file :(  

Normally Chrome would allow you to try to save almost any link as.  I suggest restarting Chrome and trying again, or even try in another browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.



I'm in Chrome.  Refreshing the page hasn't worked and it won't allow me to "save link as"

Hi Carla.  Sorry to hear that. What operating system and browser are you using?  Can you try to refresh the page and click download again?

You can also try to right-click and select Save link as...