Why the high price and low conversion rate?

I use foxyutils.com once  year for 3-4 weeks when searching for a new contract. I was really happy with your website due to the great compression rate (for 1 page cover letters and a 1 page resume), but now that I can no longer convert more than the 2 files for one application per hour, I am really sad. This means that I will have to search for a new tool with a poorer conversion rate. I don't mind wasting a few hundred MB of disk space, but it is a pity to fill up people's inbox with large files for no reason whatsoever.

I would have gladly made a one time 15$ payment for your product if you provided a Windows native application and an Android version. As it is 50$ is absurd for a service I can find anywhere else on the internet while wasting just a bunch of disk space. Anyway, once I have a new contract I delete all the old application forms so the disk space is once again available.

Best wishes,


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Dear Vlad,

Thank you for reaching out to us.  I am sorry to hear that our services are not working out for you and that you feel that the price tag is too high for you.

We recently made a decision to invest more time and efforts into our services. We want to create a great premium service and offer the best services we can. Collecting a few dollars each month from each of our subscribers will enable us to develop new features, grow our platform, and further help the community.

We're very sorry to hear that our services no longer suit your needs. However, we hope you benefited from using our tools in the past and consider coming back especially if you have more PDF tasks that you need to take care of.

PS. If you only need to access for 3-4 weeks, you can always subscribe to the Premium for just one month ($4.99) and stay with the free plan when you do not need high upload rate and batch processing.

With warm regards,