Signing Up Issues

Now you guys rock BUT...

I merged a bunch of PDFs like I do once a week and when I went to download the result it said Signup! - Fair enough, bad timing for me but fair enough.

So I did and an email with a big RED button arrived saying click the big green button - cool if you're color blind but I'm not. But I'm not completely silly either so I clicked it anyway.

When I arrived at you website again, well there wasn't anything saying thanks :-( actually it didn't really say anything new so there was no "This is your password" and nothing really worked any more - menus didn't respond or any thing.

So I tried saying I'd forgotten my password & clicked on the emailed link - same deal.


I did say you guys rock right, this the best experience in merging PDFs, it's easy, it (nearly!) always works and I want it to keep working!!!!!

So I went straight to your website and I could click on Support to do this, but only by closing my browser (IE 11 & IE Edge) first.

Then I typed the last line and thought Bugger (That's a New Zealand thing) and tried Chrome, sigh it worked.

So only signing up needs Chrome - CONFUSING

So most of my rant is wasted now except I still can't sign in unless I use chrome and yes there are websites that don't work on Chrome & I use them I use IE & Edge.

Maybe you could make the Sign In code friendly to other browsers....  Just a thought.

Thanks and keep up the good work

 P.S. I just had to copy and paste this in my Chrome browser cos I couldn't login to the portal to post ARGH!! Except I had to create a new account to post anyway. I now have 2 handfuls of hair less than I used to.


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Thanks John.  Your feedback enabled us to pinpoint the problem and resolve it quickly.  We have dedicated more resources to FoxyUtils than ever before and work hard to make it the best we can. :)

I will notify our designer about the issue with the password insertion and also your previous remarks about the green/red colors in the dialogs.

I am very pleased it is working better for you now.




Looking much better thanks :-)

Only comment now is that changing password works but just puts spaces rather than dots or asterisks as you type the password. This just makes it a little hard to know how far through you are.

Very impressed with how fast you fixed the issues though.





Hi John,

We just made some upgrades to the web just now.  We found some issues with IE11 that we solved and put live after testing the entire signup process.  Would you be willing to try again?

Thanks for your help!


Hi John,

Sorry that our services were causing you a headache but thanks a lot for your input.  We will look into all of these points that you have made and see if we can improve it.  I'll be in touch with you also soon to see if we can resolve those issues.