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    Herman Goudriaan · 1 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall


    I signed in with Facebook for a free trial of your PDF Merge. What happens after the Free Trial period? If this means automatic invoicing, then please stop and delete my trial account immediately.

    Look forward to your reply.




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    unblock PDF file

    Shweta Singh · 0 · Posted

    Please unblock 

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    ¡Ups! Algo ha ido mal,

    Hector Villegas · 0 · Posted

    Para ayudarnos a mejorar, por favor, envía un informe de errores haciendo clic aquí . Si es posible, envía un correo electrónico con tus archivos a ¡Gracias!

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    Add headers and footers

    Gunnsteinn Hall · 0 · Posted

    A user has contributed a new idea:

    Please add an option to be able to add headers and footers to an existing PDF.

    If I understand correctly, the idea involves the user uploading images such as a brand icon and potentially specifying text that can be added in the header and/or footer of each page (or specified pages).

    Potentially could be expanded to include programmable tags such as page number etc.

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    No longer recognizes Google Docs created PDF as valid PDF

    Tom Young · 2 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall

    This worked fine last month, but this month the print run PDF files generated in Google docs aren't recognized as PDF's by the utility. Using Chrome in IE7. These worked fine last month and the files do open individually. Two example files attached.

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    Unlock PDF file

    Girija G · 1 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall


    I forgot password of the pdf file, please unlock the attached pdf file.

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    Not able to unlock PDF

    Pradeep Reddy · 1 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall

    Not able to unlock PDF

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    Merged PDF's will not download

    Carla · 3 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall

    When I press the red "Download" button, nothing happens.  The PDF does not open for me to save.

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    Unlocking PDF bug error

    Rene Ramirez · 3 · Last reply by Rene Ramirez

    I've tried to unlock the pdf files for submission for plan check but it did not unlock due to error or unlock.


    Thank you.

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    Save in WordPad Application instead of Microsoft Words

    Liyana · 0 · Posted

    Previously once I have converted the pdf file to MS Words file, I don't face any problems. However, recently the pdf converted is always saved as wordpad application


    Can you help me on this?

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    Unlock Error

    Rene Ramirez · 2 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall


    I tried to unlock the pdf file for plan set submission to the city but something went wrong that it did not unlock the file completety.

    Attached to this email is the intended file to unlock.

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    please unlock my pdf

    Vaibhav Deo · 1 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall

    please unlock my pdf. and send me to my .

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    It didn't do what I want.

    dlw atib · 1 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall

    When it asked for a page range I gave it the range of pages I wanted extracted (all of them), but it gave them to me in one huge chunk, not separate pages. In other words, it didn't do a split at all!

    I could have avoided wasting your computer time uploading a file if I had known from the start that it worked that way.

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    Allow to split all pages in a pdf, then download a zip file.

    Alesdair · 2 · Last reply by Alesdair

    When I have multi page document and I want all the pages as separate files. Having to keep doing the process for each page takes too much time. 

    How about having a function to allow me to split all the pages and download a zip file. Example.PDF with 12 pages, Zip folder with




  • jpg to pdf

    haris fadillah · 0 · Posted

    very good


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    convertir pdf a word

    sarhy21 · 0 · Posted

    no me aparece al momento de darle click para descargar

    Device: Desktop
    OS: Windows
    Browser: Chrome

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    pdf to word

    chuc · 0 · Posted

    error in progress convert

    Device: Desktop
    OS: Windows
    Browser: Chrome

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    JPG to PDF Converter Bug

    J · 0 · Posted

    I tried JPG to PDF Converter (~20 files with ~15mb total) but converter failed to produce anything except for error message

    Device: Desktop
    OS: Windows
    Browser: Chrome

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    nao converte nada

    solange · 0 · Posted

    Ops! Algo deu errado, sorry! Para ajudar-nos a melhorar, por favor envie um relatório de bug clicando aqui < / a>. Se possível, envie e-mail de seus arquivos para Thanks!

    Device: Desktop
    OS: Windows
    Browser: InternetExplorer

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    Compressing a file

    Adrienna · 0 · Posted

    I have uploaded a very large file: 191 mbs and it will not compress. Not sure why?

    Device: Desktop
    OS: MacOsX
    Browser: Firefox