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    Add headers and footers

    Gunnsteinn Hall · 0 · Posted

    A user has contributed a new idea:

    Please add an option to be able to add headers and footers to an existing PDF.

    If I understand correctly, the idea involves the user uploading images such as a brand icon and potentially specifying text that can be added in the header and/or footer of each page (or specified pages).

    Potentially could be expanded to include programmable tags such as page number etc.

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    Allow to split all pages in a pdf, then download a zip file.

    Alesdair · 2 · Last reply by Alesdair

    When I have multi page document and I want all the pages as separate files. Having to keep doing the process for each page takes too much time. 

    How about having a function to allow me to split all the pages and download a zip file. Example.PDF with 12 pages, Zip folder with




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    MergePDF - Add page numbers

    Gunnsteinn Hall · 0 · Posted
    Give the option to add page numbers to the merged PDF.
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    CompressPDF - Black and white option

    Gunnsteinn Hall · 0 · Posted
    I want to compress file pdf with black and white? because need min size file pdf
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    Make copies of same file without uploading many times

    Gunnsteinn Hall · 0 · Posted
    To create many copies of the same PDF without uploading the file multiple times. Implement a button that allows adding many copies of the same PDF for merging.
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    Under Review

    Convert to Excel

    Mauro Reyes · 1 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall
    the application converts each PDF page to 1 Excel Worksheet.
    It may be cool for few pages documents, but I need to convert 379 pages.
    It becomes useless.
    IDEA: There should be a setup wizard to allow us to select some conversion parameters such as all pages to 1 worksheet, select columns, etc.
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    Sort pages

    Timmmay! · 1 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall
    Often the pages (usually the first few) get out of order on larger merges.
    The standard method of moving one page at a time is very time-consuming.
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    Extract all pages

    D · 1 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall
    i'd like to be able to split out each page of my file seperately with one this possible?
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    Under Review


    Shatiqa · 1 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall
    A button to rotate the files before merging
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    Introduce an OCR: (Optical character recognition / Optical character reader)

    Rob · 0 · Posted
    Conversion of images of scanned or handwritten text into ''machine'' encoded text. Therefore, if you scan a large amount of pages with text and you want to edit or copy/paste any of this, OCR can read the text from the scanned image and convert it into an editable Word document for example. This would be inccredibly handy for my work. Many of the free online OCR versions already out there are just not good enough sadly...
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    Aryok Cedeño · 1 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall
    Una idea seria traducir documentos, ya sean PDF u otros formatos. De un idioma a otro. Espero Valoren mi sugerencia. Saludos.
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    Consider making an API?

    Gurpreet · 1 · Last reply by Esteban Premuz
    I was wondering if we could use your PDF merging tool via an API. I am thinking of a scenario where our program calls you API and passes it S3 links to multiple PDFs and it returns a merged PDF.
    I am happy to pay.
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    Under Review

    When are you coming to Chrome?

    Bakul Banthia · 0 · Posted
    Absolutely awesome app, my favourite PDF app!
    I see 3 apps for individual operations on Google chrome's web store.
    When will the whole bucket be available?
    It will be good to have a single app added to my chrome browser that can do all these operations offline!