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    Adya · 0 · Posted

    How can I donate to you using EFT Electronic fund transfer?
    I tried to but couldn't find that button on your site.

    I will always use your site from now on. It's amazing how passionate you are about the environment.

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    Asking help for compress pdf

    Rylan · 0 · Posted

    I'm currently working on an iOS project, and in my project I need to create PDF from my UI interfaces, I achieved this by using the apple framework. But there is a problem, that is the generated PDF size is too large, when I create 8 pages of PDF, it's size is 2.8M. Generally, I would create more than 40 pages, means that PDF size could be more than 20M. I want to send this pdf to other people using email, and it is far too large as an attach in email.

    I've google it for a long time,

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    Herman Goudriaan · 1 · Last reply by Gunnsteinn Hall


    I signed in with Facebook for a free trial of your PDF Merge. What happens after the Free Trial period? If this means automatic invoicing, then please stop and delete my trial account immediately.

    Look forward to your reply.